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Judging Summary for Mrs Jan Meyer

UK Appointments since January 2000

Scottish KC (August) 2019 Date : 24th August 2019

LKA 2014 Date : 13th December 2014
Best of BreedCh. Matsonic Storm Brewin Over Bishbow (JW)
Dog CCCh. Matsonic Storm Brewin Over Bishbow (JW)
Dog RCCCh. Chanikos Thats The Dream JW
Bitch CCCh. Minfaa Lavolta
Bitch RCCJardhu Aint Miss Bee Havn
Best PuppyCh. Tameron Mr Red Edition JW
1st Best VeteranTameron Mr Givenchy
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Bath 2008 Date : 26th May 2008
Best of BreedCh. Zeeva Zsa Zsa Zoom
Dog CCCh. Morhenjo Smooching Cedarhythe
Dog RCCOnimusha Heaven Knows
Bitch CCCh. Zeeva Zsa Zsa Zoom
Bitch RCCCh. Sonoma Miss Dior at Tameron
Best PuppyCh. Symaraju Little Mz Petite JW
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Richmond 2005 Date : 9th September 2005
Best of BreedCh. Matsuba Scandalizer
Dog CCCedarhythe Licence To Tease at Morhenjo
Dog RCCCh. Hashanah Lock Stock N Barrel
Bitch CCCh. Matsuba Scandalizer
Bitch RCCCh. Kanba Busy Bee at Tameron
Best PuppyCh. Kanba Busy Bee at Tameron
Firstly, I wish to thank the officers & committee of Richmond Championship Dog Show for affording me the opportunity to judge Shih Tzus at their recent show & to thank my competent stewards for their support. Thank you too to the many exhibitors who travelled from far & wide for my opinion & for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed my day & was happy with my placings, but I believe that every dog has its day & on other occasions I’ ve no doubt that the placings will change! Overall it was my privilege to handle some wonderful exhibits who are a credit to their owners & to the breed lines from which they come. However, over the years, my concerns remain the same. Some of the girls in particular were, in my opinion, just too heavy & the added pounds affected their movement; there were several exhibits who were sluggish on the move & sadly lacked rear drive, clear pads & an arrogant carriage. Once again, from my point of view, there is nothing more beautiful than a Shih Tzu in ‘ full sail’ & my eventual winners, to my delight, truly displayed this – well-balanced impressive Shih Tzus with that little extra something special. Although the presentation, as always, was excellent, I noted a huge increase in v ‘ obvious’ trimming, personally this doesn’ t appeal, some discreet ‘ tidying’ yes, but there were many who appeared to have been ‘ chopped’ ! Mouths had improved greatly, particularly in the younger stock but I was disappointed, on examination, by the white of eye in some exhibits who in all others areas appeared from a distance quite superb. Finally, I did find myself searching for what I call the true Shih Tzu expression, beautifully warm large dark expressive eyes & I hope that in future more attention will be given to this when breeding.
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Manchu Shih Tzu Society 2001 Date : 22nd April 2001
Bitch CCCh. Hashanah Love Unlimited for Zeeva (JW)
Bitch RCCCh. Hashanah One Tuff Cookie at Numoon
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