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Judging Summary for Mrs Ann Pickburn

UK Appointments since January 2000

Border Union 2019 Date : 16th June 2019

Bath 2016 Date : 30th May
Best of BreedCh. Keytor All That Jazz
Dog CCCh. Keytor All That Jazz
Dog RCCCh. Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCM
Bitch CCCh. Tameron Miss Black Opium
Bitch RCCCh. Rosaril Naughty Moments with Bishbow
Best PuppyCarlita Reason To Dream JW
Thank you for my entry and how nice it was to hear applause for the class winners. My stewards made it a very pleasant day being very organised and efficient. Generally my entry was good and I was very pleased with my final line ups. Some classes were more mixed than others and the grass which - although beautifully cut - held some very interesting smells which resulted in some exhibits being unwilling to concentrate on moving.
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LKA 2013 Date : 14th December 2013
Best of BreedCh. Brownhills My Choice
Dog CCCh. Brownhills My Choice
Dog RCCCh. Chanikos Thats The Dream JW
Bitch CCCh. Chelhama Leading Light JW
Bitch RCCCh. Tameron Miss Belle D Opium
Best PuppyCh. Keytor All That Jazz
1st Best VeteranCh. Brownhills My Choice
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Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club 2012 Date : 1st April 2012
Best of BreedCh. Keytor Fool No More
Best of BreedCh. Cedarhythe Xcuse Me Darlin
Dog CCCh. Keytor Fool No More
Dog RCCSantabella Cheeki Budda
Bitch CCCh. Cedarhythe Xcuse Me Darlin
Bitch RCCPeekin Zyri Zhang-Tu
Best PuppyGladmin Durbans Delyte
Best PuppyPeekin Lexi Tu
1st Best VeteranCh. Brownhills My Choice
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Three Counties 2008 Date : 12th June 2008
Best of BreedCh. Santosha Salvadore for Venustus
Dog CCCh. Santosha Salvadore for Venustus
Dog RCCWeatsom Pole Position
Bitch CCCh. Tsantha Sunny Side Up at Sazkey
Bitch RCCCh. Chelhama Leading Light JW
Best PuppyKeytor Midnight Whisper
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Blackpool 2005 Date : 24th June 2005
Best of BreedCh. Debeaux Ruff Love (Int Ch, Baltic, Ukrainian, Russian Grand Ch, Latvia,Belarus, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, UK.)
Dog CCCh. Debeaux Ruff Love (Int Ch, Baltic, Ukrainian, Russian Grand Ch, Latvia,Belarus, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, UK.)
Dog RCCCh. Daltricia Zelos JW ShCM
Bitch CCCh. Superlion Redoute Rose at Caserose JW
Bitch RCCCh. Tsantha Sugar Plum Fairy
Best PuppyCh. Krisquest Top Gun
My thanks to the exhibitors for such a lovely entry on a weekday show. I felt that the quality of the overall entry, despite being depleted by absentees due in part to the very hot weather, was very good. Bitches remain stronger in the main but there are some nice young dogs coming through. Movement needs to be watched, perhaps it is being curtailed to preserve coats.
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Leeds 2003 Date : 26th July 2003
Best of BreedCh. Ym Too Sexy From Audreys Paradise (Imp)
Dog CCCh. Harropine Achy Breaky Heart at Cedarhythe
Dog RCCWynele Realization JW
Bitch CCCh. Ym Too Sexy From Audreys Paradise (Imp)
Bitch RCCCh. Debeaux Last Laugh at Ekland
Best PuppyZeeva Fire and Ice (JW)
Thank you for the lovely entry, which was much appreciated .1 wish I could say all, was well with our breed but unfortunately that would not reflect what I found. I have not judged males since 1996 and I was surprised at what I found. Mouths have improved but eyes remain a problem didn’ t find much white of eye but too many have small eyes. Also light eyes seem to be on the increase both in the dog classes and the younger bitches. Toplines are a problem also, along with poor shoulder placement mainly confined to the dog classes. There was no evenness in type in the males. The b classes were much more even in type and quality, full of plenty of sound typical Shih~Tzus. I had no problems with temperaments, v happy, outgoing Shih Tzus with only the occasional one who was finding the heat a little trying
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Shih Tzu Club 2001 Date : 6th October 2001
Best of BreedCh. Bowchild Siew Fu
Bitch CCCh. Bowchild Siew Fu
Bitch RCCCh. Cabbala The Cutting Edge
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