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Full Critique for Manchester 2020

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Judge : Mrs Jackie Bowns
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

My sincere thanks to Paul Harding and the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge at this show. The hospitality shown was fabulous and I must thank my brilliant stewards for their help.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stCh. Cedarhythe Majical DestinyBlack & white puppy who has everything I look for at this age. He is lovely to go over and has the most wonderful head and expression. His movement is a joy to watch because everything is in place. If he continues to mature, he must surely be a star of the future. BPD and BPIB
2ndTansingh Too Darn HotGold & white, lovely head, darkest eyes, makes a lovely silhouette when stood, moved with style, another super puppy

Puppy Dog
1stMatsha JambalayaGold & white Lovely head, darkest eyes, balance is correct. He is such an outgoing boy and tries to get everywhere at million miles an hour, however when he does settle his movement is totally correct and very stylish, he has a super coat and was beautifully turned out.
2ndShihzarbruno Ace of Spades at CimonaBlack & White Lots to like about this boy, nice balance, he moved well, I did however prefer the head and expression of winner.

Junior Dog
1stShanitaus ObsessionGold & White, head is excellent nice and broad, good dark eyes, lovely profile, he is very balanced and has a strong top line which he keeps on the move, tail is high and placed correctly. He moves with style.
2ndRossvale Eclipse Of The SunSolid Gold beautiful correct head and expression loved his balance and moved well keeping his strong top line.

Post Graduate Dog
1stRossvale Fun In The Sun at KimevanSolid gold black mask Fabulous head an expression, in lovely coat, lovely balance, tail is high and set correctly, movement was very true.
2ndRossvale Here Comes The Sun over FairmereLitter brother to winner and the same comments apply, very close decision but just preferred the expression of winner.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Chanikos Orange Dream of ShenleyvaleThis was a wonderful class and I really was spoilt for choice, Brindle & White; In my opinion this boy has now reached his full potential. His head is fabulous I loved his expression, his balance is right, he has a strong top line which he holds on the move, correct tail set which he carries really well. His coat has matured and looks a picture, today I thought everything just came together and it was a delight to award him the CC and BOB and wonderful to see him reduced to the final 8 in the group later.
2ndChaela RalphishBlack & White This boy has everything I look for, head and expression are fabulous love his outline and balance, his coat looks a picture. Today his movement was not as strong as the winner.

Open Dog
1stCh. Art Made Gene Kelly (Imp Swe)A truly wonderful dog with everything to like, loved his expression and balance, moved out very well, a most worthy Champion Res CC
2ndCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JWExcellent head, coat and movement a very stylish and worthy champion, today I just preferred expression of winner.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stMinfaa Dancing To Th RythmGold & White Beautiful young lady has such a pretty expression, loved her head, she is very balanced, her tail set is correct and she holds a good top line on the move, shown in excellent coat.
2ndCedarhythe Dance To Our TuneBlack & White Puppy with a beautiful expression and is a fabulous shape, level top line, well set tail moves with style and shown in wonderful coat.

Puppy Bitch
1stMiracey Sand Dancer At KatonierGold & White Such an outgoing puppy, she moves with great style, head and expression are excellent so feminine, love her balance and silhouette
2ndCarlita Promise To LoveGold & White Beautiful head and expression, lovely balance tail set correctly and in fabulous coat, today her movement was not as strong as winner.

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Warathwaite Royal DivaHead and expression are a delight, she has great balance, her tail is set correctly and she has a good top line, her movement is strong, she certainly has a bright future
2ndDebeaux Sweet Chilli JWGold & White Such a pretty girl, excellent head and expression, shows her lovely balance and top line in her excellent movement.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stCh. Centastage Just ImagineGold & White This is a bitch you have to have hands on to appreciate her fabulous head and expression, really sound bitch, loved her outline and balance, good level top line, set of tail is correct which allowed it to be carried high, she moved well but I would have loved to see her really step out as I felt she had move to give. Res CC
2ndChanikos Born To Dream at EthelsmeadBlack & White Lovely head correct expression excellent balance good top line moved with style

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Pekoe Surprise Surprise JWGold & White This is a bitch you need hands on to appreciate all her qualities, she has a beautiful shaped head with lovely dark eyes, nicely balanced, strong top line, tail set is correct and carried well. She was moved for her owner by Teigan Jones and was a joy to watch go round, I was very happy to award her the CC
2ndChanikos Blissfull DreamsGold & White loved her head and expression, nice level top line and a strong mover. Loved her tail set and carriage.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Only In Dreams JWSolid Gold, head and expression is a delight, lovely body, good top line and excellent tail set moves so well
2ndCh. Shorestar Hocus Pocus JWSolid Black delightful head and expression. Her coat was amazing, she moved really well Both these bitches are such worthy champions.

Veteran Bitch
1stCh. Thaisu She RocksGold & White This bitch belies her age, she has the most beautiful expression and is shown in wonderful condition, still holds her top line and moves with great style.
2ndCh. Miracey Fruity KissesHead and expression are wonderful, she holds her top line and moves so well, shown in beautiful coat and condition These two ladies are a credit to the breed and their owners.