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Ch. Chodeas Eastern Star JW

Show Result History

Best in Show, 1st OB2015STC Summer Open ShowMrs J QuickGold/White Quality bitch with broad head and the most appealing expression with large black eyes, level stop, wide Jaw with well-padded muzzle, correct ear placement, deep chest excellent rib, moved well holding level top line carried tail well over back, in lovely condition.
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2015WindsorMrs V GoodwinVery nice bitch in superb condition, correct construction and size with good body and well groomed coat, moved correctly.
Res Open Bitch2015Three CountiesMr A Brace
VHC Open Bitch2015Southern CountiesMr K Jarvinen
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2015BathMr N Stevens
Res Open Bitch2015BirminghamMr G Carter
3rd Open Bitch2015WELKSMrs G Dolphin
2nd Open Bitch2015Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr I Millar
1st Open Bitch2015STC Spring Open ShowMrs Y RawleyReserve Best Bitch: Very feminine gold, possesses a lovely head with a quality expression, dark expressive eyes that show no white, good finish of mouth, wide chin, well rounded ribcage, level topline, well placed tail, short thick legs moved well both coming and going with plenty of drive from behind.
1st Open Bitch2015Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs J Howells
Res Open Bitch2015CruftsMrs V Grugan
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2015ManchesterMr E Paterson
Res Open Bitch2014BUBAMr L Forster
3rd Open Bitch2014Shih Tzu ClubMrs D Skok Lamut
VHC Open Bitch2014Midland CountiesMiss S Johnson
2nd Open Bitch2014South WalesMrs J Clifford
Bitch CC, 1st OB2014City of BirminghamMrs P WoodbridgeG/W. A Lovely honest femine bitch with so much to like. Constructed so well with ample body and bone, such excellent angulation in her rear quarters. Good reach of neck and correct tail set giving a balanced outline standing and on the move. Feminine head, dark eye, well placed nose of correct size and good dentition. CC.
1st Limit Bitch2014PaigntonMrs D SpavinShown in excellent coat and condition, lovely typical head and xpression, good front and rear assembly, carried tail well, good profile movement.
1st Limit Bitch2014STC Summer Open ShowMr T Ball
2nd Limit Bitch2014Three CountiesMrs J Robin-SmithNice size with good head and eye, firm hindquarters but i preferred winners lay of shoulder.
VHC Limit Bitch2014Southern CountiesMr P Burema
2nd Limit Bitch2014BathMrs C Coxall
2nd Limit Bitch2014WELKSMrs H Dysonovely gold and white bitch with a pretty feminine head, nice expression, well constructed, with good top line, tail set and balance, moved out well, very well presented, showed well, very promising.
3rd Limit Bitch2014Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs G Goodwin
Bitch CC, 1st LB2014ManchesterMr A WightA regal looking bitch of outstanding quality in head. I just loved her. Broad skull, correct stop, excellent width in in underjaw, beautiful mouth, good neck, well developed ribcage, back firm as a rock and her well set tail completes the picture. In very good coat she is sound out and back and shows good drive from sturdy hocks as she perambulates the ring. Is half sister to the BOB winner sharing CH Just Tom as their father. I believe her 1BCC and on this form her title should be a formality.
3rd Limit Bitch2013Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMrs P Lord
Res Limit Bitch2013Shih Tzu ClubMr P Stanton
2nd Limit Bitch2013Midland CountiesMr R OldhamFeminine and appealed in head and expression good front and neck level top line with tail carried high moves out with ease,
3rd Limit Bitch2013BournemouthMr P Jolley
2nd Limit Bitch2013WindsorMr J CarterGold and white the same remarks for the first two placings very feminine heads both well balanced, good fronts, bodies, topline and hind quarters and tail sets, my winner of the class won on her side gait, both very sound.
1st Limit Bitch2013Southern CountiesMrs S Stevens
3rd Limit Bitch2013BathMr R Bayliss
Bitch RCC, 1st LB2013WELKSMr N Stevens
2nd Limit Bitch2013Boston & District CSMrs M Deats
VHC Post Graduate Bitch2012BUBAMs L Young
1st Beginners Bitch
2nd Graduate Bitch
2012Shih Tzu ClubMr T Nethercott
2nd Yearling Bitch
3rd Post Graduate Bitch
2012Midland CountiesMr A Brace
1st Junior Bitch
2nd Yearling Bitch
2012RichmondMr H Johansson
2nd Junior Bitch2012LeedsMr D Iley
1st Beginners Bitch
2nd Graduate Bitch
Res Junior Bitch
2012STC Summer Open ShowMr D EllisBlack and white well balanced, excellent movement.
1st Graduate Bitch
2nd Junior Bitch
2012East of EnglandMr K Roberts
2nd Junior Bitch
3rd Yearling Bitch
2012WindsorMr C Saevich
2nd Junior Bitch2012Three CountiesMrs J Lilley
1st Junior Bitch2012Southern CountiesDr A Paloheimo
1st Junior Bitch2012BathMrs J Clifford
2nd Junior Bitch2012WELKSMrs G TownsinGold and white girl with large dark eyes. Good pigmentation and nice open expression. Moved well.
1st Junior Bitch2012Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr A A Brown
2nd Junior Bitch2012STC Spring Open ShowMr T MoranGold and white, good eye shape, nose placement and mouth. Well balanced but slightly taller than 1. Good topline. Moved well. Excellent temperament.
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Bitch
2012Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs B Croucher
2nd Special Puppy Bitch2012CruftsMrs P WoodbridgeGold/White. Very close decision between this and first. Another good head, covers the ground well with good angulation in rear. Dare say they will change places on a regular basis.
1st Puppy Bitch2012ManchesterMr S Hall
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch2011LKAMr R Gregory
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2011BUBAMr D Anderson
VHC Minor Puppy Bitch2011Shih Tzu ClubMrs J McIntyre
Res Minor Puppy Bitch2011Midland CountiesMrs J Lovely


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