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Rossvale Be Delicious

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2nd Limit Bitch2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G TownsinGold and White and true to her name with the most delicious soft, warm, feminine expression. Full dark eye, correct tip to nose leather and good breadth of skull. Deep bodied with strong rear. Close up to 1st. lovely girl.
2nd Limit Bitch2018DarlingtonMr B MedforthAnother nice bitch close to the first good nose placement, nice mouth moved well for its owner
1st Open Bitch2016DarlingtonMrs L FarnworthGold and white 2 year old. Excelled in movement. She sailed round the ring, reaching out to the front and driving rear, showing a full pad. Good sized rib cage well let down between the front legs, good forechest, feminine expression.
2nd Open Bitch2016PaigntonMrs B Roberts
2nd Open Bitch2016Border UnionMiss D Howland
2nd Limit Bitch2016WELKSMr D Iley
3rd Limit Bitch2016Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMrs E McDonald
Res Limit Bitch2015BUBAMrs C Murrell
3rd Limit Bitch2015Midland CountiesMr C Saevich
Res Limit Bitch2015South WalesMr F Kane
2nd Limit Bitch2015DriffieldMr K Robertsadorable pretty young lady, all the attributes of my winner I am sure her day will come .
1st Limit Bitch2015BelfastMrs J BownsPleasing head and expression with correct nose placement, good bone and well-made body, moved and handled well.
Res Limit Bitch2015Scottish KC (August)Mr S Hall
Bitch RCC, 1st GB2015East of EnglandMrs G TownsinAptly named girl. Gold & White with a wonderful expression, lovely eyes, tip-tilted nose in a good size and shaped skull. Good overall balance, moving with drive. In lovely coat and full of Shih Tzu style. Another well on her way.
Bitch CC, 1st PGB2015WindsorMrs V GoodwinA very pretty and feminine bitch that really caught my eye. Good outline with all the right things in the right places. I liked her overall balance and correct movement. CC.
2nd Puppy Bitch2013Shih Tzu ClubMr P StantonGold and white who had lovely style and really good movement lovely expression with good pigment very good body and tail carriage excellent coat.
3rd Puppy Bitch2013DriffieldMr R Owen
3rd Puppy Bitch2013DarlingtonMr M Freeman
VHC Puppy Bitch2013Scottish KC (August)Mrs L Stannard
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch2013LeedsMr P Seier-Sorenson
VHC Minor Puppy Bitch2013BlackpoolMrs D Williams
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch2013Southern CountiesMrs S Stevens
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch2013BathMr R Bayliss
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch2013Scottish KC (May)Mr E Paterson
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch
3rd Maiden Bitch
2013Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMiss H Howard
VHC Minor Puppy Bitch2013WELKSMr N Stevens


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