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Ch. Huxlor Hes A Rebel

Breeding & Progeny Details

Antarctica BuddleiaRygar Almost An Angel
Crowvalley Forever AmberPoppalet Russel of Spring
Poppalett Serenade
Daltricia Looby LouDaltricia The Great Bear
Deenie Woops A DaisyDeenie Classic Scamp
Delwin It’s My Parti Among BerinshillBerinshill Smarti Parti
Denroma Lace Over SuperlionSuperlion Adorebel At Anbarees
Superlion Desirebel
Superlion Rebel Maid
Superlion Yan Kee Doll
Essvana WytchfyreEssvana Dressed To Thrill
Essvana The Terminator at Berylendan
Harropine Huxlor Strike A PoseHuxlor Salute To Rebel
Huxlor Take A Bow at Kucheng
Harropine Mona LisaHuxlor Bellisimo of Antarctica
Huxlor Miss Adorable
Huxlor Prima Donna
Harropine Sequin at RygarRygar Dare To Be Bear
Rygar I’ll Be Bear
Hashanah Sheer AudacityCh. Hashanah Elite with Mingshu JW
Hashanah Another Level For Redhall
Huxlor Ginger RogersHuxlor Double Impact at Sonoltay
Huxlor Double Trouble at Sarosim
Huxlor Dubbli Bubbli at Taipaw
Huxlor Take A Bow at KuchengKucheng Maybe This Time
Rochelynne FelicityRochelynne Charlotte
Rochelynne LorettaRochelynne Pipistrelle
Stellas Golden BeautyMystical Matilda
Superlion Michaela FinnSuperlion Tried And Tested
Wingates Never So Happy at HuxlorCh. Huxlor Trigger Happy
Huxlor A Gift Of Happiness For Taipaw


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