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Ch. Thaisu Zero To Hero at Miracey

Show Result History

Res Open Dog2019Shih Tzu ClubMrs S Jakeman
Res Open Dog2019Southern CountiesMr J Grugan
Best in Show, DCC, 1st OD2019Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyLovely class to judge!! 1. CC and BIS,4yo solid gold – caught my eye straight away – excellent large round head, large dark eye giving a soft expression, strong broad underjaw, excellent depth and width of chest and length of ribcage, strong loin, broad strong hindquarters with excellent tailset. I love the overall balance he has – the length between shoulder and tail – moves with correct reach in front and powers from behind, wonderful temperament. Wouldn’t change a thing about him, loved him.
Res Open Dog2018BUBAMrs E Becquet-Hill
3rd Open Dog2018City of BirminghamMrs B Roberts
Dog RCC, 2nd OD2018Border UnionMrs G DolphinImpressive solid gold dog. Lovely balance of head to tail. Super rib cage and mature body. Ample bone and well muscled. Arrogant expression with a broad skull with well developed deep stop, giving correct nose placement. Shown in wonderful coat of correct texture.He moved very soundly and pressed the winner hard. Just preferred the overall size of my winner. Res CC.
Dog RCC, 1st OD2018Scottish KC (May)Ms J Sullivansolid gold, beautiful big head, dark Eyes lovely expression. On the larger size but beautiful made deep chest well bodied. Excellent Muscle good angulation moved round the ring with style, please to award him RDCC.
VHC Open Dog2018Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr J Carter
2nd Open Dog2017BUBAMr K ChedzoyAgain lovely conformation, lovely head nice dark eye good front with good level top line, good body with good spring of rib, lovely tail set, set on high, moved with style covered the ring well.
Dog CC, 1st OD2017South WalesMr N BarkerA very strong class of dogs each one worthy of a first place.Gained his crown today, solid boy who never put a foot wrong from the time he came into the ring, very full of himself, and a pleasure to go over him, a lttle larger than I usually like but he has all the traits and attributes and arogance of a Shih Tzu, lovely head, dark eye, mouth and nose placements, head well furnished, good neck on laid back shoulders, level topline and tail set, rear angulation gave him the drive as he moved around the ring, beautifully presented and handled, pleased to award him the CC. second could easily change place with first on a different day.
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st OD2017DriffieldMrs H ChadwickSolid gold, large dog, but so well balanced and the most enchanting head and expression. Everything in proportion. Well laid shoulders, Broad and deep ribcage, level topline, lovely tail set and carriage. Shown in beautiful coat and condition, moves with so much energy and enthusiasm, keeps his shape on the move and carries himself well. I was really pleased to award him the CC his 2nd. I also awarded him BOB and was very pleased to hear that he was shortlisted in a very strong Utility Group.
3rd Limit Dog2017City of BirminghamMr A Easdon
1st Limit Dog2017CruftsMrs P Maule1st - this 2 years black mask solid gold headed a strong class of quality males. Broad skull, well spaced, round, dark eyes, ex. pigment, broad jaw, strong bone, broad chest. In hard, muscular condition. Well up to size but has the desired balance I was looking for. Bit of a handful with a most exuberant outgoing temperament, sadly missing in the breed. Dogs don’t need to be statues to win. A joy to watch on the move, off on a mission with bags of attitude and arrogance, powerful hind action showing full pads.
Dog CC, 1st PGD2016DarlingtonMrs L FarnworthMiracey (CC) Solid gold dog with a black mask nearly 2 years old. Mature, full of himself, proved to be a handful for his handler. Stood out for me. Good sized with plenty of presence. Large head with large eyes, good sized nose leather, tilted. Excellent jaw width and dentition. Masculine, but no coarseness. Strongly arched substantial neck, carried his head high. Construction wise everything was in the right place, and there was plenty of it. He is so strong he could pull it all together, hold it all together and sail around the ring, with everything flowing.
1st Post Graduate Dog2016PaigntonMrs B Roberts
Res Limit Dog2016Three CountiesMr J Grugan
3rd Limit Dog2016BathMrs A Pickburn
2nd Junior Dog2015BUBAMrs C Murrell
3rd Puppy Dog2015South WalesMr F Kane
Dog RCC, 1st PD2015Welsh KCMrs S Jakeman


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