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Jadoremy Red Bounty Sniper For Juhua

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3rd Junior Dog2020ManchesterMrs J Bowns
2nd Beginners Dog2020Boston & District CSNice for size and type. Head furnishings need to come on but coat is clean and well groomed. He’s a touch feminine in head for my liking but is well balanced. Has a good spring of rib. If he’d moved as well in his first class, as he did in this one, he’ have certainly had a placing
VHC Yearling Dog2019LKAMr J Carter
3rd Junior Dog
Res Beginners Dog
2019BUBAMr G Carter
1st Junior Dog
3rd Puppy Dog
VHC Minor Puppy Dog
2019Shih Tzu ClubMrs S JakemanJust pipped by his brother in the previous class and of similar quality, good head, lovely mouth, nice topline and well carried tail. Nicely boned and decent on the move.
3rd Yearling Dog
VHC Junior Dog
2019Midland CountiesMr J Luscott
3rd Yearling Dog
3rd Beginners Dog
Res Junior Dog
3rd Graduate Dog
Res Junior Dog
2019City of BirminghamMrs J Lanning
Res Beginners Dog2019East of EnglandMiss S Bird
VHC Puppy Dog2019Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs V Grugan


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