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Zuthis Izzy Wizzy

Show Result History

1st Graduate Dog2006Shih Tzu ClubMiss E Gibbons
1st Yearling Dog2006DriffieldMr J Grugan
Dog RCC, 1st YD2006DarlingtonMrs J Anderton
2nd Puppy Dog2006Welsh KCMr D Iley
Dog RCC, BP, 1st PD2006LeedsMiss D HowlandOne look at this B/W boys head took me back years to what most of the breed looked like. beautiful large round head with short tip tilted nose, darkest of eyes set wide apart. Body of correct proportions, barrel ribcage, short legs, giving free flowing movement, correct tail carried well over the back. Level top line Could not resist awarding him the RCC & BP.
1st Puppy Dog2006BlackpoolMr F Kane10 months, beautiful head, eyes, strong bone and excellent carriage, good balance and really shows his pads going away. Would prefer a slightly larger ribcage. Good tailset and carriage, BPD


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