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Tejayse Beautiful Trauma

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3rd Post Graduate Bitch2020CruftsMrs G M GilkesMost beautiful head and arrogant expression. Nicely balanced, with good body and bone. So well shown and handled, just needs to finish in coat.
1st Beginners Bitch2020Boston & District CSNicely put together, feminine b with correct muzzle, dentition and nose placement. Nice profile, both standing and on the move. Nice tailset and carriage, moves well.
1st Beginners Bitch2019BUBAMr G Carter21 months. Very feminine bitch of good breed type. Overall well balanced with a head of good proportions. Kind expression with correct round eye and well positioned nose. Well bodied and supporting a good topline. Well proportioned hindquarters supporting a good tail set and subsequent tail carriage. Moved with soundness both coming and going whilst showing great freedom when viewed in profile.
1st Maiden Bitch
1st Beginners Bitch
2019Joint Shih Tzu ClubsWell balanced bitch of excellent type and overall impression. Well rounded head. Would like a bit more broadness in underjaw. Well placed nose with well open nostrils. Lovely well placed eyes. Excellent neck and topline. Well set and carried tail. Excellent body and bone. Very good depth and broadness in body. Moves very soundly and balanced. Needs some time to finish in coat. Very nice presentation. Lovely temperament.
3rd Junior Bitch2019Shih Tzu ClubMrs S Jakeman
1st Beginners Bitch2019DriffieldGold and white lovely young bitch with a good front. Well balanced, topline and tailset. Neat little head with a beautiful expression. Nice little body and in good condition throughout. Well put down and handled, moving out well. BspB and Special Beginner Utility Group 1
1st Beginners Bitch
2nd Junior Bitch
2019Scottish KC (August)Mrs J MeyerG/W coming into nice coat with good finish and presentation; feminine head/ expression with good nose placement, lovely dark eyes and excellent dentition – preferred tailset and rear action of my No.1 (BSB)
2nd Novice Bitch2019Welsh KCMr K RobertsGold/white nice size and shape, Nice head and eye good pigment, well ribbed strong quarters moved well .
2nd Beginners Bitch
VHC Junior Bitch
2019LeedsGold and white bitch, very sweet and feminine, nice size and shape, well placed eye and good expression, arched neck and well made front, topline and tail, lengthy rib and well muscled rear, very sound.
1st Beginners Bitch2019East of EnglandMiss S BirdG/w who has a good head eyes and mouth. Enough neck to balance, well ribbed up with good topline. Sound mover.
1st Beginners Dog
1st Beginners Bitch
3rd Junior Bitch
2019BathGood outline and balance. Needs to fill out a little but has all the basics so hopefully time will take its course. Moved well
1st Beginners Bitch
2nd Junior Bitch
2019Scottish KC (May)Mr T MoranLovely typey outline, excellent bone and substance, a little high on leg. Pleasing head and excellent nose placement. Good tail set but carriage could be higher. Moves well, holding a good shape.
2nd Beginners Bitch
VHC Junior Bitch
2019BirminghamMr G Robertsonlighter framed bitch to winner, pleasing head piece, moderate angles, prefer a little more length of body.
1st Post Graduate Bitch2019Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandLovely young bitch, nice head and a good front, good spring of rib, good body with a level topline, moving well front and rear.
3rd Junior Bitch2019Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs J Quick
3rd Puppy Bitch2019Boston & District CSMrs J Peak
1st Beginners Bitch
1st Puppy Bitch
2018BUBAMrs E Becquet-HillLovely young bitch with more potential for the future. Lovely expression, dark eye and good nose placement. Nice size and correct amount of substance. Good neck, well laid back shoulders. Showed herself to full potential at her young age, moved out well in front and showed pad well behind. Well-handled and presented.
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2018Midland CountiesMr T MatherScored in maturity of body. Very pretty head and expression, fair length of neck and excellent topline and tailset. Nicely rounded quarters and moved out really well with some drive and strength from the rear.
1st Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Novice Bitch
2018Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs L Reinelt-GebauerGold and white, great puppy, with a wonderful feminine head and expression. Good stop and dark clear eyes. Good Nose placement with open nostrils. Good bite and chin. Good neck, Good body and bone. Straight topline. Good Tail placement Good angulation in the back. Good coat moved well. Best Puppy Bitch.


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