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Ch. Harropine Achy Breaky Heart at Cedarhythe

Breeding & Progeny Details

Amber Song Sparrow at HundingsbaneHundingsbane Hot Chocolate
Cedarhythe CelebrationCedarhythe Heart N Soul
Daltricia AphroditeShanjo Heart Breaker for Fairlou
Harropine PatiencePassionelle Kept Waiting for Tricajon
Harropine Zoya at CedarhytheCedarhythe Hazy Lazy Days of Debshore
Late Nite Extra for CedarhytheCedarhythe Breaks The Mould For Rictovia
Paliden Rhapsody In Red for MorhenjoCh. Morhenjo Smooching Cedarhythe
Paliden Wanna Be A StarPaliden Calypso
Paliden Golden Nugget del Vocerode
Shamiro Rage Reviews at CedarhytheCedarhythe Cinnamon Tart At Miracey
Cedarhythe Discreet Affair at Miracey
Cedarhythe Tart Alert
Socorro Instant ReplaySocorro Full Impact for Torbarniks
Socorro Power Of Dreams
Socorro New Attitude at TorbarniksTorbaniks Heartbreaker
Torbarniks Heartbreaker


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