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Janjon Chance to Dream At Jacquinta

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3rd Veteran Dog2020CruftsMrs G M GilkesSuch a happy boy, with a masculine head and expression. Well bodied, ample bone, nicely balanced. Good coat and presentation.
2nd Veteran Dog2019DarlingtonMiss A Spooner11yrs C/W well made throughout with many of the same qualities as one just would not settle on the move.
2nd Veteran Dog2019BournemouthMrs G GodwinVery good type. Good head, soft dark eyes and good pigment. Good body and bone and shown in good condition. Showed and moved well, a credit to his owner.
Res Veteran Dog2019CruftsMr K Sinclair
VHC Veteran Dog2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G Townsin
2nd Limit Dog2015Shih Tzu ClubMr D Ellis
Res Limit Dog2015WindsorMrs V Goodwin
2nd Limit Dog2015Southern CountiesMr K Jarvinen
3rd Limit Dog2015BirminghamMr G Carter
1st Limit Dog2014City of BirminghamMrs P WoodbridgePale Gold/W. Has matured well. His head in special with large dark eye set well in his broad head. Low set ears, good size nose, correct jaw giving pleasant masculine expression. Moved out well showing correct angulation. He has a level topline and keeps this on the move showing wide rear action.
1st Post Graduate Dog2014WindsorMiss A SpoonerPale g/w. Good head, soft expression, large dark eyes, well placed nose giving a true shih tzu expression, level top line, high tail set, moved with drive
VHC Post Graduate Dog2014Three CountiesMrs J Robin-Smith
2nd Post Graduate Dog2014Southern CountiesMr P BuremaThree years young. Good type and size. Good head, would love a bit better pigmentation. Good topline moves well. Good coat
Res Post Graduate Dog2014BirminghamMrs J Lanning
Res Post Graduate Dog2014CruftsMrs E Stephenson
1st Post Graduate Dog2013WindsorMr J CarterGold and white headed a class of varying types has a masculine open face and broad head well balanced and tea pot tail in good body and coat covered the ground well and sound
3rd Post Graduate Dog2013Three CountiesMr S Mallard
2nd Post Graduate Dog2013Southern CountiesMrs S Stevens
VHC Mid Limit Dog2012Shih Tzu ClubMr T Nethercott
Res Post Graduate Dog2012BournemouthMrs P Maule
2nd Graduate Dog
2nd Limit Dog
2012STC Summer Open ShowMr D EllisBlack and white nice overall dog, moved well, good coupling.
1st Yearling Dog
3rd Junior Dog
2012WindsorMr C Saevich
1st Novice Dog
3rd Junior Dog
2012BathMrs J Clifford
2nd Junior Dog2012WELKSMrs G TownsinPale cream and white dog in profuse coat. Good pigment and moved out well.
1st Novice Dog
2nd Junior Dog
2nd Graduate Dog
2012STC Spring Open ShowMr T MoranPale gold with excellent head and skull, good nose placement and size, excellent pigmentation, good mouth, needed time to settle and moved well with good drive. Coat a little woolly. Excellent tail set and carriage. Another super temprement.
1st Novice Dog
3rd Junior Dog
2012Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs B Croucher
3rd Special Junior Dog
Res Yearling Dog
2012CruftsMrs P WoodbridgeAt this level this was a very very bad class, therefore I withheld first and second. 3rd – Sullivan’s JANJON CHANCE TO DREAM AT JACQUINTA – Gold/White I thought the nicest in this class – he is sound but needs time to settle in coat but good mouth and head with open expression
Res Post Graduate Dog2012ManchesterMr S Hall
3rd Puppy Dog2011LKAMr R Gregory
1st Novice Dog
2nd Puppy Dog
2011BUBAMr D Anderson
1st Puppy Dog
2nd Maiden Dog
2nd Novice Dog
2011Shih Tzu ClubMrs J McIntyre
2nd Minor Puppy Dog
2nd Puppy Dog
2011DriffieldMr T Medlow
1st Minor Puppy Dog2011RichmondMrs J Anderton
1st Minor Puppy Dog
3rd Puppy Dog
2011Welsh KCMr E HulmeWell made young puppy who has a good head and expression, strong pigmentation, very good coat, sound on the move, just needs time now. Also 3rd in a large puppy class.
1st Minor Puppy Dog
2nd Novice Dog
2011BournemouthMr G Carter
1st Minor Puppy Dog2011PaigntonMr J Bishpam
Best Puppy
1st Minor Puppy Dog
1st Maiden Dog
2011STC Summer Open ShowMrs C Murrell7 month gold and white with a good head, correct eye and a deep stop giving an arrogant expression, nice mouth. Good neck into good shoulders, good rib and bone. Level topline, correct tail giving balance. Free mover and a good well presented coat. BPIS.


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