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Santosha Ladykiller at Honeyshuchon

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3rd Open Dog2017Border UnionMrs J McIntyre
Res Open Dog2017Scottish KC (May)Mr K Sinclair
VHC Open Dog2017Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMiss A Spooner
Res Open Dog2017Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs D B Harding
VHC Open Dog2017ManchesterMrs L Stannard
3rd Open Dog2016BUBAMrs S Cooke
VHC Limit Dog2016Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMiss M Persson
VHC Limit Dog2016Midland CountiesMr S Mallard
Res Limit Dog2016DarlingtonMrs L Farnworth
3rd Limit Dog2016City of BirminghamMrs J Anderton
3rd Limit Dog2016BlackpoolMr H Van Den Berg
VHC Limit Dog2016Border UnionMiss D Howland
VHC Limit Dog2016Three CountiesMr J Grugan
VHC Limit Dog2016BirminghamMrs R Morgan
1st Minor Limit Dog2016Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs D WilliamsG/w, beautiful broad head, large dark eyes, good mouth. Strong neck leading to well angulated shoulders. Deep broad ribs, level topline held well on the move. Moved well in this class but lost his drive & enthusiasm the challenge.
Res Minor Limit Dog2016Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMrs E McDonald
2nd Limit Dog2016Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs Y Cannon2.5 year old G&W. Well balanced and lovely type and good size. Masculine head, with dark eye, would prefer more width to lower jaw. Good top line standing and on the move, with excellent ribcage and well ribbed back. Would prefer a little more forechest. Moved soundly.
Res Limit Dog2016CruftsMrs P Gregory
1st Minor Limit Dog2015Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr T MoranGold with an excellent broad well shaped skull, good eye, excellent nose placement & pigmentation & good open nostrils. Desirable size and lovely balance. Excellent top-line, tail-set and carriage. Excellent bone, good front assembly, moved well, holds shape well on the move, excellent outgoing temperament. Was in serious contention for the tickets today just lost out on maturity of the Open winner.
3rd Mid Limit Dog2015Shih Tzu ClubMr D Ellis
VHC Limit Dog2015Midland CountiesMr C Saevich
Res Limit Dog2015DriffieldMr K Roberts
3rd Limit Dog2015DarlingtonMr P Harding
3rd Limit Dog2015East of EnglandMrs G Townsin
3rd Yearling Dog2015WindsorMrs V Goodwin
2nd Yearling Dog2015BlackpoolMr M JamesGood head and expression, good body and tail, sound rear, quality coat, preferred front on first.
2nd Limit Dog2015Border UnionMrs Y Forbes
1st Yearling Dog2015BirminghamMr G Carter
Res Minor Limit Dog2015Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs D B Harding
VHC Limit Dog2015WELKSMrs G Dolphin
3rd Yearling Dog2015Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr I Millar
3rd Junior Dog2015Boston & District CSMiss S Bird
1st Junior Dog2014LKAMrs J Meyer
VHC Junior Dog2014BUBAMr L Forster
VHC Junior Dog2014Shih Tzu ClubMrs D Skok Lamut
VHC Junior Dog2014Midland CountiesMiss S Johnson
Dog RCC, 1st JD2014DriffieldMiss D HowlandGold and white really liked everything about this one, broad head and wide set large eyes, good rib cage and level topline, and tail carrigae, moved out well RDCC
Dog CC, 1st JD2014DarlingtonMr D Iley
Res Junior Dog2014City of BirminghamMrs P Woodbridge
2nd Puppy Dog2014East of EnglandMs J Sullivanlovely head with good dark eyes good mouth Good overall size moved well
1st Minor Puppy Dog2014Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs G M Gilkesgold and white almost 9 months old. Very nicely made all through and has the most lovely head and expression. Good length of rib and well set on tail, good on the move.


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