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Chanikos Dreams A Brewin

Show Result History

Res Open Bitch2018Boston & District CSMrs Y Forbes
2nd Open Bitch2017STC Summer Open ShowMr S Keay2yrs 8mths. Gold. Head of correct proportions with a nice expression and dark pigment. Good mouth and front. Broad chest. Good neck leading to good shoulders, but not as good as 1. Nicely ribbed and coupled. Acceptable topline but a little high at the rear. Nice tailset and good rear. Moved well.
2nd Open Bitch2017WindsorMrs J Clifford2 and half years gold/white. Nice size young lady. very well balanced. Pleasing head and expression. Good bone, well sprung ribs and level top line. Tail set on and carried well, helping her maintain her shape standing and on the move. Moves soundly fore and aft. Very well presented and handled.
VHC Limit Bitch2017CruftsMrs P Maule
3rd Limit Bitch2016LKAMr C Saevich
1st Minor Limit Bitch2016Shih Tzu ClubMrs H DysonSpooners Chanikos Dreams A Brewin. Lovely head with good nose placement. Good outline, moved well.
2nd Post Graduate Bitch2016RichmondDr A PaloheimoStronger type, low to ground, good eyes and skull, good coat, sound mover.
1st Post Graduate Bitch2016City of BirminghamMrs J AndertonOf good size with a pleasing head, nice dark eyes, wide jaw. Correct arched neck onto a good lay of shoulder. Adequate length and depth of rib with a nice high tail set. In good textured coat moved with style, considered for top honours.
2nd Post Graduate Bitch2016WindsorMr D G Roberts
2nd Yearling Bitch2016BlackpoolMr H Van Den BergCorrect in type, low to ground, excellent head with round dark eye, like her forechest, strong topline, very nice coat.
1st Graduate Bitch2016Southern CountiesMr D EricssonFeminine bitch and very low to ground, really lovely head, good eyes, excellent legs, good body, coat of correct texture presented in good order, carries her tail well, rather stuffy in neck and she could carry herself a little better on the move, sound rear.
2nd Graduate Bitch2016Boston & District CSMrs S Stevens
2nd Junior Bitch2015LKAMr N Barker
1st Junior Bitch2015BUBAMrs C Murrell
3rd Junior Bitch2015Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr T Moran
3rd Puppy Bitch
VHC Novice Bitch
2015Shih Tzu ClubMr D Ellis
Res Puppy Bitch2015RichmondMrs J Lilley
1st Minor Puppy Bitch
2nd Maiden Bitch
3rd Novice Bitch
2015STC Summer Open ShowMrs J QuickGold/White 8months low to ground, lovely head with pleasing expression, muzzle wide with good jaw deep chest, good bone, level top line, moved well for her handler.
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2015East of EnglandMrs G Townsin8 month Gold and White baby with profuse coat. Lovely head and softest expression. Eyes of good shape and size, tip-tilted nose, good mouth and overall balance, moved well.
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch2015Southern CountiesMr K Jarvinen
Res Minor Puppy Bitch2015BathMr N Stevens


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