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Rossvale Here Comes The Sun over Fairmere

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Dog CC, 1st LD2021LeedsMr M GilchristLiked his head from the get go, nice and broad the top fits into the palm perfectly, broad without being apple domed and has the width between the eyes to give the true expression the breed. Chest deep and broad, short coupled, topline correct at all times and correct movement fore and aft. Lovely presentation. DCC.
3rd Limit Dog2021BlackpoolMiss A Ingram
2nd Post Graduate Dog2020ManchesterMrs J BownsLitter brother to winner and the same comments apply, very close decision but just preferred the expression of winner.
3rd Post Graduate Dog2019LKAMr J Carter
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019BUBAMr G Carter2 years 9 months. Another who gave the impression of good breed type. Overall a well-balanced Shih Tzu. Pleasing head with good eye and nose placement, giving a typical arrogant expression. Well placed shoulder and front assembly. Correct in body proportions with a good topline. Well carried tail. Today just lost out to winner on freedom and scope in movement.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019Midland CountiesMr J LuscottGood solid dog with balance and shape in outline, good type in head, neck and tail set, moving easily with purpose and drive.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019DriffieldA beautifully presented 2 year old gold and white boy groomed to perfection. He is a good solid boned dog over his body good with spring of rib. Strong on rear angulation with good bend of stifle. He has a lovely round head with beautiful eyes, nose placement and muzzle giving a lovely expression. I would like a like more rise from his nose into the skull. Covers the ground well stronger in the rear showing full pad.
Res Post Graduate Dog2019DarlingtonMiss A Spooner
3rd Post Graduate Dog2019Richmond
Res Post Graduate Dog2019Welsh KCMr K Roberts
3rd Post Graduate Dog2019East of EnglandMiss S Bird
Res Post Graduate Dog2019WindsorMrs J McIntyre
VHC Post Graduate Dog2019BlackpoolMrs J Paradise
3rd Post Graduate Dog2019Three Counties
1st Post Graduate Dog2019Southern CountiesMr J Grugang/w broad head dark eye good mouth sound body level topline with tailset a little low well presented moved well round the ring
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019BathI liked his type and balance. Lovely head but just lacked freedom and drive on the move.
VHC Post Graduate Dog2019Scottish KC (May)Mr T Moran
1st Graduate Dog2019BirminghamMr G Robertsontypey masculine dog. Large dark eyes, nice exp, good reach of neck with big ribs, straight forelegs. Tail a little flat. Purposeful mover
Res Post Graduate Dog2019Shih Tzu Club of Scotland
VHC Post Graduate Dog2019WELKSMrs S A Crossley
3rd Post Graduate Dog2018Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr R Owen
Res Post Graduate Dog2018Midland Counties
Res Post Graduate Dog2018South WalesMrs P Gregory
3rd Post Graduate Dog2018DriffieldMr E Paterson
1st Post Graduate Dog2018BelfastMr S HallQuite a nice balanced dog with a good coat covering of the correct texture, good male skull with a pleasing expression, good forehand with plenty of bone, good deep ribbing and broad backed, moved out well but rather flat tail carriage which at time can spoil the outline, prepared and presented in very good order.
2nd Junior Dog2018DarlingtonMr B MedforthAnother well balanced dog, nice head and expression, nice shoulders correct tail moved well
VHC Graduate Dog2018City of BirminghamMrs B Roberts
3rd Junior Dog2018Scottish KC (August)Miss H Howard
1st Post Graduate Dog2018Welsh KCMr F Kane17 mths gold/white of good size and substance with a good rise of skull and good eyes. Has very good quarters but he could drive a little more from rear, good coat, tail a little tight.
Res Graduate Dog2018BournemouthMrs G M Gilkes
3rd Post Graduate Dog2018LeedsMrs H Fitzgibbon
1st Junior Dog
3rd Yearling Dog
2018East of EnglandMr R OldhamHead very well laid out, lovely eye and expression, broad skull, well placed nose leather with open nostrils and tidy finish to underjaw, width to chest and straight forelimbs, arch to neck, well sprung ribcage, level topline, high set tail and carriage, gentle definition to hindquarters, reachy mover.
VHC Yearling Dog2018WindsorMr T Paczowski
2nd Yearling Dog
Res Junior Dog
2018BlackpoolMrs V Goodwin
3rd Junior Dog
Res Post Graduate Dog
2018Three CountiesMr H Ogden
1st Yearling Dog
1st Graduate Dog
2018Southern CountiesMrs C Harwoodnicely balanced honest dog with a pleasing head and expression, good width to jaws and well set nose, strong neck set into good shoulders and level topline, correct tail set, well padded feet, good coat, moved well.
3rd Junior Dog2018Scottish KC (May)Ms J Sullivan
3rd Junior Dog
VHC Yearling Dog
2018BirminghamMr T Wareing
1st Yearling Dog2018Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs L Reinelt-GebauerGold and white, excellent type, with masculine head and expression. Good stop, dark eyes, good bite and chin, good nose placement with open nostrils, good neck, straight topline. Good body and bones. Tail is carried too flat on the back, which disturbs the whole balance. Tight shoulders and good angulation and muscle in the back legs. Good coat. Excellent move with good drive and flick.
2nd Junior Dog
Res Yearling Dog
2018WELKSMrs B Williams
Res Puppy Dog2018CruftsMr N Stevens
VHC Puppy Dog2018Boston & District CSMrs Y Forbes
2nd Puppy Dog
VHC Minor Puppy Dog
2017LKAMrs S PointonWell-coated g/w, slightly higher on leg, pleasing head eyes and pigment, sound firm frame, in good condition, sound free mover.
2nd Puppy Dog2017BUBAMr K ChedzoyG/W, another very nice puppy that will do well I’m sure. Good head and expression, dark eye and good dentition, nice front level top line good Spring of rib good tail set moved well.
2nd Puppy Dog
3rd Minor Puppy Dog
2017Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr S WilbergPromising youngster with a lovely outline. Good head and expression, moves well. His bite mustn’t get more undershot.
3rd Maiden Dog
VHC Minor Puppy Dog
2017Shih Tzu ClubMrs R Lysgaard
2nd Puppy Dog
Res Minor Puppy Dog
2017Midland CountiesMr L CoxDecent head, topline and tail set. Just needs to settle. Well presented and moved ok.
3rd Puppy Dog2017South WalesMr N Barker
1st Puppy Dog
2nd Minor Puppy Dog
2017DriffieldMrs H ChadwickLitter brother to 1. Gold and white, very similar attributes to 1. Slightly taller on leg but still well balanced, pleasing expression. Moved very well.


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