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Middletune Flame Of Gold

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1st Limit Bitch2021Shih Tzu ClubMiss F CliffordSolid Gold 2yrs. Yet another well presented bitch from this kennel. Ultra feminine with correct dentition. Lovely dark mask leading to a good domed head. Correct shoulders and level topline. Carries her tail well on the move really covering the ground. Very well presented.
VHC Limit Bitch2021RichmondMrs S Jakeman
1st Limit Bitch2021Southern CountiesMr H Ogden3 yrs, excellent breed type, such an expressive face with well placed features in a broad, round frame, width through her front with prominent prosternum, level, sturdy, oblong, good bone and unexaggerated angles, muscular, rounded rear, this all resulted in beautiful balance and carriage on the move, rated her as of CC quality.
1st Limit Bitch2021STC Spring Open Show3yr Solid Gold. Excellent type pretty bitch with beautiful head and expression. Dark eye and well placed nose. Excellent topline with lovely well sprung rib. Excellent tail set carried well on the move. Good angles both front and rear shown when she moved, with good reach and drive. Shown in good coat.
Res Special Yearling Bitch2020CruftsMrs G M Gilkes
1st Yearling Bitch2020Boston & District CSPretty b. very feminine. Nice dark eye, though a touch smaller than I’d prefer. Good nose placement and stop. In super coat of correct texture. Level topline with good spring of rib. Would have liked a touch longer ribcage. Moves nicely, with drive.
2nd Yearling Bitch2019LKAMr J CarterAnother very good bitch, feminine head and well balanced shape, level topline, teapot tail, correct hindquarters, gait ok and front action, just needs to be tighter in her hind action.
1st Junior Bitch2019Shih Tzu ClubMrs S JakemanMiddletune Flame Of Gold. Correct for shape with tail balancing nicely with head, good level topline in between. Best of mouths, lustrous eyes and neat well set on ears. Moved really well and in lovely coat.
2nd Junior Bitch2019Joint Shih Tzu ClubsWell balanced bich of excellent type and overall impression. Lovely rounded head. Very good broadness in underjaw. Well placed nose with open nostrils. Lovely well placed eyes. Very good neck and topline. Would like a bit more lay back of shoulder. Excellent body and bone. Excellent depth and broadness for age. Moves very soundly. Lovely coat and presentation. Lovely temperament. Maiden
2nd Yearling Bitch2019Midland CountiesMr J LuscottQuality girl close up in the decision with typical head, good neck, topline and rear muscle tone, she is building in body and chest, is sturdy in bone and good rear drive, just needs to tighten in front action on the move.
3rd Post Graduate Bitch2019South Wales
2nd Junior Bitch2019RichmondGood size, type and proportion. Good head and expression. Good front and feet. Good topline and tail set.
3rd Junior Bitch2019Welsh KCMr K Roberts
1st Junior Bitch2019BournemouthMrs G GodwinSolid gold b/m with lovely head and feminine expression. Nicely pigmented with good width of Jaw, nicely balanced with good strong body and bone. Good rib cage and level top line. Showed and moved well.
2nd Junior Bitch2019East of EnglandMiss S BirdG/w who pushed first hard and many of the above comments apply. Balanced, totally sound, lovely head, eyes and mouth. Good neck and front. Good bone. Good tailset and turn of stifle. Not quite the drive of first on the move.
3rd Junior Bitch2019WindsorMrs J McIntyre
1st Junior Bitch2019Southern CountiesMr J Grugang/w broad well furnished head dark eye good body level topline and correct tailset moved well
1st Junior Bitch2019Manchu Shih Tzu Society13 mths b/m gold, beautiful head and expression with lovely wide tilted underjaw, sturdy body, good bone, long well-developed ribcage. Excellent in front, close behind today but she is a little heavy. Tail set is good but carried a little flat today.
Res Minor Puppy Bitch2018LKAMiss F Clifford
VHC Minor Puppy Bitch2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G Townsin
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch2018Midland CountiesMr T MatherAttractive head with good nose pad and nice finish to muzzle. Pleasing forehand with good quality bone. Short coupled with good body for age. Very good profile action.
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch
2nd Puppy Bitch
2018South WalesMrs P Gregorylitter sister to my winner not a lot to choose between them but just preferred the tail carriage of 1


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