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Ch. Miracey Fruity Kisses

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2nd Open Bitch2021PaigntonMrs C HarwoodBeautiful feminine bitch with a broad head and large dark eyes, nice arch to neck, deep chest, level back, well rounded thighs, moved with reach and drive, in such fabulous condition for 10 years.
Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2021Southern CountiesMr H OgdenTen and a half yrs, she looks through you with arrogant disdain, the essence of low and wide. Truly possesses a chrysanthemum-like face with large round dark eyes set well apart, front has prominent prosternum, good angles, arched neck, level, sturdy, oblong shape, high set tail on a line with skull to give a balanced outline, immaculately coated. BVIB.
Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2021Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMrs L Farnworth
1st Veteran Bitch2020CruftsMrs G M GilkesThis lady has captured the secret of eternal youth and has so much ring presence. She has amazing balance, the most beautiful feminine head and a good mouth. Lovely reach of neck and firm, well made body. She has days doesn’t make life easy for her handler, but she moved so well today.
2nd Veteran Bitch2020ManchesterMrs J BownsHead and expression are wonderful, she holds her top line and moves so well, shown in beautiful coat and condition These two ladies are a credit to the breed and their owners.
Res Open Bitch2019LKAMr J Carter
VHC Open Bitch2019BUBAMr G Carter
2nd Veteran Bitch2019Joint Shih Tzu Clubs8 ½ year Lovely well kept bitch of excellent type and overall impression. Excellent balance. Lovely rounded head with lovely warm expression. Excellent broadness in underjaw. Well placed nose with well open nostrils. Lovely, well placed eyes. Excellent neck and topline. Excellent tailset and carriage. Excellent depth and broadness in body for age. Very good body and bone. A very eye catching bitch with a big personality. Moves very soundly and balanced. Lovely coat and presentation. Presented in excellent condition. Lovely temperament.
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2019South WalesPossibly one of the best open classes I have ever had the privilege to judge with several beautiful bitches going cardless, would happily sign CC’s all down the line and beyondGold/white, I have long admired this stunningly beautiful feminine bitch and was delighted to finally handle her, she didn’t disappoint in any way, hard to believe she is a veteran now and see her young son won the RCC today, she has a glorious head and expression, dark round eye, excellent width and finish to mouth, correct nose placement, slight arch to neck sitting on well laid back shoulders, straight front, round well padded feet, excellent width and depth to chest, ample bone, firm level topline, well balanced quarters, high set and well carried tail in balance with head, her condition of body and coat is fantastic, love her outline and holds herself so well on the move which is free and true, one nano second where she put the brakes on but so worthy of the RCC in hot competition..
1st Open Bitch2019Driffield8 year old gold and white who is still so beautiful and holds your attention. She has not lost any of her wonderful outline showing herself to perfection. A pleasure to go over where I found her still to be in firm condition. She has such a feminine head and one of the best every expressions I have seen, with just that little element of aloofness. Good skull, muzzle and bite. Moving she is well balanced, neck, topline and tailset all correct. I was spoiled for choice today in my final line up and just didn’t have enough cards to go around.
Bitch CC, 1st OB2019BelfastHooray, a class of 6....8 years old and in great form, her appearance and attitude belied her age. Quality, typey, bitch who is beautifully balanced with lots of style and in super coat and condition. So much to like about her, from her well proportioned head, good mouth, dark nose with open nostrils, darkest of round, full eye, lovely arrogant expression. Very good shoulders, short straight front legs and neat feet. Well angulated front and rear with good topline. She carried her well plumed tail gaily and high to match her chrysanthemum head, set on well arched neck. Well muscled quarters which allowed her to drive soundly around the ring with plenty of pad on show. Real Shih Tzu character. My C.C. Winner.
Best Veteran
2nd Open Bitch
2019RichmondGood size. Lovely head and expression. Good in topline and tail. Lovely presentation.
1st Open Bitch2019City of BirminghamMrs J Lanning
2nd Open Bitch2019BournemouthMrs G GodwinWow what a supper bitch and in super condition as I see she is a veteran. What can I say about this beautiful girl that has not been said before? She is a true worthy Champion. Pushed hard for first place.
2nd Open Bitch2019LeedsGold/ white, so pretty and feminine, with a lovely head shape, eye and balanced foreface. Nicely made in front, in full coat and stylish mover.
Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2019WindsorMrs J McIntyre8yrs of age, very feminine head & expression, nicely arched neck into good shoulders, level topline with good tail carriage. Has ample bone and moved with ease. Is in tip top condition and very well presented. Awarded BV.
2nd Open Bitch2019BlackpoolMrs J Paradise. Gold/white. Eight and a half years old and in her prime. Slightly longer cast than first, she is sporting a fabulous coat which is presented to perfection. Large round sparkling eyes with dark rims. Well balanced angulation fore and aft. Not quite as good a topline as first today. A worthy champion still on top form.
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2019Three CountiesG/w of exquisite type and full of feminine charm, most beautifully balanced head with expressive eye, excellent proportions, correct nose-placement, sufficient width of underjaw, firm straight topline, solid front, excellent hind angulation, presented to perfection and moved well, really unfortunate to meet 1st in such top form Res. CC
Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2019Southern CountiesMr J GruganBitch 8 and a half years lovely feminine head and expression dark eye good dentition lovely coat over firm body good tail carriage moved with drive BV
Best of Breed, BCC, BV, 1st VB2019BathLovely outline standing in profile. feminine and has exc proportions. Holds her tail beautifully and moves well but her head carriage could be a little better. In the challenge with open for CC I prefered expression and profile outline on this bitch though the Open bitch had more substance and was more fluid on the move.
Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2019Scottish KC (May)Mr T MoranGold and white with a beautiful head and eye. Well-shaped skull, good nose placement and good mouth and chin. Typical outline with good length and excellent tail set and carriage. Good bone. Excellent coat. Independent arrogant character, moved well when she wanted to
2nd Veteran Bitch2019WELKSMrs S A Crossley8 year old bitch again in great condition. She had a good head and eye and lovely to see the width throughout. She moved with such attitude around the ring, in good coat.
Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2019Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyThis class was a joy to judge – all in such wonderful condition and all so typical!, 8yo g/w, excellent type, such a sweet feminine head and expression, long sturdy body, well angulated front and back, excellent topline and tail carriage, wonderful personality who decided when she should move !! Considered for RCC at the end of the day.
2nd Open Bitch2019Boston & District CSMrs J Peak7 yr old bitch, another nice one, clean head, good expression, good neck and shoulders, nice body and outline, good quarters and set on, moved soundly.
1st Veteran Bitch2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G TownsinBeautifully presented 7 year old bitch. Unsurprisingly a Champion. Clearly defined neckline flowing into shoulders. Moved well showing off her lovely balance. Groomed to perfection as usual for this kennel.
2nd Open Bitch2018Boston & District CSMrs Y ForbesBitch of great quality, nice size, lovely expression, dark eye, arched neck leading onto well-set shoulders, well bodied, in full Bloom, lovely on the move, four lovely bitches here.
3rd Open Bitch2017LKAMrs S Pointon
Bitch CC, 1st OB2017BUBAMr K ChedzoyG/ W lovely head good year placement lovely dark eye good dentition, lovely front, level top line good body with good rib good tail set carried high and well over back moved with drive groomed to perfection a credit to they’re owner Bitch CC.
Res Open Bitch2017Shih Tzu ClubMrs R Lysgaard
Res Open Bitch2017Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr S Wilberg
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2017Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMiss J KitchenerWhat a high quality bitch this is, of lovely size & in super coat & condition. Has substance & femininity all wrapped up in a tightly knit package. Lovely head, excellent mouth & nose placement & a soft expression from her dark eye, excellent front & ribbing, shoulder & topline. Carries her head & tail well & certainly knows she is beautiful. Sound mover with good reach, drive & elegance for much of the time, however I had a touch of déjà vu when she decided maybe she would, then maybe she wouldn’t, return to me in the challenge. I recall encountering exactly the same stubborn attitude from her father when I last judged & sadly both ended their days with a RCC.
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2016Scottish KC (May)Mr A WightI recall judging this so worthy Ch bitch on a previous occasion where she did exactly the same as she did here today!! She is unquestionably a top class specimen of the breed and was prepared for the ring by a master in the craft. She did everything right, moved out with reach and drive and I felt she was my CC winner. Then in challenge she decided to apply the brakes a couple of times when moving and the illusion was damaged. The LB never put a foot wrong and deservedly won her first CC. So this girl had to settle for the runner up spot.
Reserve BIS, BCC, 1st OB2016Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMrs E McDonaldGold/white bitch She moved around the ring majestically as one would expect of such a worthy Champion A beautiful bitch that has style. She has a stunning head that is carried high. Her nice dark eyes complement her exquisite expression. She is well muscled, with a nice spring of rib Excellent top line which she kept on the move, with tail set on high. Pleased to award her B.CC and Res BIS.
2nd Open Bitch2016CruftsMrs P GregoryG/w, feminine bitch, excellent head, dark eyes, pretty expression, good reach of neck, well bodied, with good muscle tone, in excellent coat, constructed well and move with drive.
3rd Open Bitch2015LKAMr N Barker
Res Open Bitch2015BUBAMrs C Murrell
2nd Open Bitch2015Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr T MoranWhite and gold with a lovely well-appointed head, excellent eye, good nose placement and well shaped skull. Would prefer slightly darker nose pigmentation. Excellent tail-set. Once settled moved well. Excellent tail set and carriage. In excellent coat.
3rd Open Bitch2015Shih Tzu ClubMr D Ellis
Bitch CC, 1st OB2015Midland CountiesMr C Saevich
1st Open Bitch2015South WalesMr F Kane
2nd Open Bitch2015DarlingtonMr P Harding
2nd Open Bitch2015RichmondMrs J Lilley
2nd Open Bitch2015BournemouthMr R Oldham, ultra feminine and very attractive head and eye, straight forelimbs, just enough spring of rib, level topline and high tail carriage, moved freely, shown in tip top form.
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2015PaigntonMrs S PointonCh Miracey Fruity Kisses, ultra-feminine g/w, full of lovely type and quality, well boned for size, my BPIB last time and has matured into a fine lady, pretty head and expression, lovely dark eyes, nicely arched neck, sound frame, firm body and topline, super high set well carried tail, lovely coat well presented. RBCC � her 19th I believe!
1st Open Bitch2014BUBAMr L Forster
3rd Open Bitch2014Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMrs S Cooke
Res Open Bitch2014Shih Tzu ClubMrs D Skok Lamut
2nd Open Bitch2014Midland CountiesMiss S JohnsonGold and white girl, a very worthy champion of the type this kennel is consistently producing, shown in prisitne condition in flowing coat which did not impede her flowing movement.
3rd Open Bitch2014BelfastMr M Gadsby
3rd Open Bitch2014City of BirminghamMrs P Woodbridge
3rd Open Bitch2014Welsh KCMr K Wilberg
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2014PaigntonMrs D SpavinSuper bitch, cannot fault her, lovely head and expression, excellent neck into clean sshoulders, strong level topline carried tail well, sound in good jacket. RBCC. very close for BCC. to
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2014BlackpoolMr R OliveiraHigh quality bitch, lovely head, beautiful shape, correct tail and tail carrage, excellent front and quarters, excellent toopline, perfect movement. BCC and BOB.
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2014Three CountiesMrs J Robin-SmithAnother lovely bitch with super outline, looking great on the move with head and tail held up and a strong body between. Pretty head, quality all through.
1st Open Bitch2014Southern CountiesMr P BuremaThree years young. Beautiful type. Beautiful head and expression. Very good topline. Well balanced in body. Good coat. She moves very well
3rd Open Bitch2014BathMrs C Coxall
3rd Open Bitch2014WELKSMrs H Dyson
Best in Show, BCC, 1st OB2014Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr R Gregory
Best in Show, BCC, 1st OB2014Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs G M GilkesThis lady has matured and fulfilled the promise she had when i last judged her. Most lovely head and expression, dark eyes, pigment and excellent mouth. Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, good spring of ribs and well muscled and angualted rear end. Balanced outline and very stylish and arrogant action.
Res Open Bitch2014CruftsMrs E Stephenson
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2014ManchesterMr A WightAnother top drawer exhibit from this clever breeder. Standing she takes the eye, lovely for her size and shape, beautifully coated and presented to perfection. Her head is is a joy, big enough for her sex, stunning eyes and expression an air of arrogance as she is handled and when she does move she has reach and drive. Made me smile when she decided to put the brakes on, turns and returns with such positive action. Certainly a worthy title holder.
Res Open Bitch2013LKAMrs A Pickburn
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2013Shih Tzu ClubMr P StantonA very glamorous and beautifully balanced bitch with good feminine expression but would like a little larger skull most lovely neck and tail very good side movement with excellent style in beautiful coat and condition and presented perfectly. More then happy to award her the RBCC and RBIS.
3rd Open Bitch2013Midland CountiesMr R Oldham
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2013DriffieldMr R OwenBeautifully constructed gold and white nice outline on table strong mover lovely head in excellent condition BRCC.
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2013DarlingtonMr M Freeman
2nd Open Bitch2013RichmondMr M James
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2013City of BirminghamMrs B BanburyFeminine head large dark round eyes good mouth and width of muzzle arched neck good shoulders topline and high tailset long dense coat with undercoat and furnishings balanced overall good reach and showing full pads on the move BCC and her 4th also with BOB
Bitch CC, 1st OB2013Scottish KC (August)Mrs L Stannard
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2013BournemouthMr P JolleyThis 2 year old pushed so hard for the BCC she is another girl from top drawer her head eye and mouth and super very good front assembly beautiful feet and pads such a very good outline on the move BRCC
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2013PaigntonMrs V Williams-WegmannSweet feminine girl slightly bigger then first place she has a beautiful sleek well kept long coat and is elegance personified probably the best mouth there today too as couldnt fault a tooth placement and has a beautiful broad six in a row moves soundly fore and aft liked her a lot pushed first hard BRCC.
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2013Three CountiesMr S MallardAppreciated this feminine lady and it was a close call, totally honest with harmonious lines resulting from correct construction she demonstrated sound action but did not quite match the animation of 1.
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2013Southern CountiesMrs S Stevens
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2013BathMr R Bayliss
2nd Open Bitch2013Scottish KC (May)Mr E Paterson
2nd Open Bitch2013BirminghamMr D Ericsson
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2013Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMiss H Howard
Bitch CC, 1st OB2013WELKSMr N Stevens
2nd Open Bitch2013Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMrs Y Cannon
3rd Open Bitch2013Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMr M Russell
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2013Boston & District CSMrs M Deats
Bitch RCC, 1st LB2012LKAMrs G M GilkesFrom the same kennel as first in PG, and has all the same attributes. She has that extra ’look at me’ attitude which earned her the Res CC.
2nd Limit Bitch2012BUBAMs L Young
Bitch RCC2012Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr L Williams
1st Limit Bitch2012Shih Tzu ClubMr T Nethercott
1st Limit Bitch2012Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr L Williams
2nd Limit Bitch2012Midland CountiesMr A Brace
Bitch RCC, 1st LB2012DriffieldMrs Y ForbesG/W Another nice lady, wonderfull head and eye, good dentition, good shoulder placement and well bodied, went with drive around the ring RCC.
2nd Limit Bitch2012DarlingtonMiss M PerssonFeminine head and expression, beautiful neck and tail, framing an excellent body, moved well.
Bitch RCC, 1st LB2012RichmondMr H Johansson
VHC Limit Bitch2012Scottish KC (August)Mrs S Jakeman
VHC Open Bitch2012Welsh KCMr J Luscott
Bitch CC, 1st LB2012BournemouthMrs P Maule
Bitch RCC, 2nd LB2012PaigntonMr R Oldham
Res Limit Bitch2012East of EnglandMr K Roberts
2nd Limit Bitch2012Three CountiesMrs J Lilley
Res Limit Bitch2012Southern CountiesDr A Paloheimo
1st Junior Bitch2012Scottish KC (May)Mrs D SpavinSuper feminine head, lovely pigment, good front assembly with correct shoulders, topline and muscled quarters, correct tail carriage, showed well in super coat.
3rd Junior Bitch2012WELKSMrs G Townsin
3rd Special Puppy Bitch2012CruftsMrs P WoodbridgeGold/White. Smaller in construction and finer made than first 2 but much to like about her. Covers the ground well and in excellent well presented coat.
2nd Puppy Bitch2012ManchesterMr S Hall
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Bitch
2012Boston & District CSMrs S Pointonexquisite 11 months g/w, wow what a glamorous, feminine, well balanced young lady, super head and tail carriage, pretty head and expression, sound firm well made frame, good bone and substance, firm topline kept on move, immaculate coat and presentation, stylish sound mover. BPIB and delighted to see her go on to PG2
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Bitch
2011LKAMr R Gregory
3rd Puppy Bitch2011BUBAMr D Anderson
Best Puppy
1st Minor Puppy Bitch
2011Shih Tzu ClubMrs J McIntyre
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2011South WalesMr K Chedzoy
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch2011City of BirminghamMrs B Metcalfe
Best Puppy
1st Minor Puppy Bitch
2011Welsh KCMr E Hulme
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch2011PaigntonMr J Bishpam


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