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Ch. Carlita Reason To Dream JW

Show Result History

VHC Open Dog2021RichmondMrs S Jakeman
3rd Open Dog2020CruftsMrs G M GilkesDog I have judged before, he is now fully mature, a well deserved Champion and even more striking. Fabulous balance, beautiful head with soft expression. Correctly constructed throughout, beautifully presented and moved soundly keeping his shape.
2nd Open Dog2019Shih Tzu ClubMrs S JakemanAnother gold in a very big coat. Not quite the outlook of the first but so well made all through and a really good mover in both directions. Liked his outline and super tail carriage.
3rd Open Dog2019Midland CountiesMr J Luscott
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st OD2019DriffieldSo now he was everything I was looking for from head to tail to toe, one of those who keeps you looking back again and again. At almost 4 years old he is at the top of his game. Presented immaculately and in strong condition. Such a beautiful melting expression in a lovely round skull, well padded muzzle and good width to jaw altogether giving us a fabulous head. He has an elegant sweep of neck into a good lay of shoulder and a level topline. Front and rear angulation in concurrence, well balanced allowing him a superb free flowing movement. He just held my attention and I could watch him all day. Delighted to award him the DCC and BOB.
Dog RCC, 2nd OD2019City of BirminghamMrs J LanningSmaller type and so correct. Could easily gain his title.
3rd Open Dog2019PaigntonMrs Y Cannon
Res Open Dog2019Leeds
2nd Open Dog2019BlackpoolMrs J ParadiseGold/white parti. Round head with square muzzle and dark eyes, good ear set, large nostrils. Strong neck flows into a level topline which is held at all times both standing and moving. Tail is desired teapot which balances with head. Sporting a quality coat. He moves with purpose and is also sound.
Res Open Dog2019Border UnionMrs A Pickburn
Dog RCC, 1st OD2019Three CountiesG/w of classical overall breed-type, most appealing open face with equally masculine and soft distinctive oriental expression, wonderful eye, decent stop, solid body with excellent rib-cage, well-angulated front, firm topline, excellent tail-set and high carriage, well-presented coat of correct texture, moved with dignity, in the challenge showed with a bit of unnecessary modesty and not quite the look at me attitude, though very close decision Res. CC.
3rd Open Dog2019Bath
2nd Open Dog2019BirminghamMr G Robertsonanother lovely shaped dog with a super head piece, expressive round eyes, round skull, clean outline with high tail, ideally like a little more width in front, muscled loin, in full coat with excellent coat texture, nice type all through.
Dog RCC, 1st OD2019Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs J QuickRCC G/W Broad head, correct ear placement, dark eyes, level topline with a high Tail set, showing a lovely balance and outline, Moved well, in top condition.
1st Open Dog2019Boston & District CSMrs J Peak3 yr old male, nice type, good head and expression, nice eye, good pigment, plenty bone, good feet, nice body, well balanced, good quarters and set on. Went well holding his topline.
3rd Open Dog2018LKAMiss F Clifford
VHC Open Dog2018Midland Counties
Res Open Dog2018DriffieldMr E Paterson
3rd Open Dog2018BelfastMr S Hall
3rd Open Dog2018DarlingtonMr B Medforth
2nd Open Dog2018City of BirminghamMrs B RobertsGold/ white boy, quality young dog, good head, mouth, dark eye, typical expression, nice size moved well.
Dog CC, 1st LD2018BournemouthMrs G M GilkesDCC Beautifully sized and balanced dog. He has a lovely head and melting expression. Well boned, bodied and his angulation allowed him to move around the ring with drive and style. Shown in fabulous coat. Delighted to award him his second CC.
2nd Limit Dog2018PaigntonMrs B Croucheranother of lovely type. Pleasing head and expression. Correct eye shape. Well bodied, good topline and tailset. Moved with style.
3rd Limit Dog2018LeedsMrs H Fitzgibbon
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st LD2018East of EnglandMr R OldhamG&W presented in tip top condition, masculine without excess, head properties well distributed with eyes placed well apart, defined stop, good finish to underjaw, decent front and bone, arch to neck, well ribbed up and back, tail set and carried high, well finished hindquarters, steps out with purpose, altogether a classy package and I considered him good value for the CC & BOB in quality company.
Res Limit Dog2018BathMr D Cavill
3rd Limit Dog2018CruftsMr N Stevens
2nd Limit Dog2018ManchesterMr A WightThis g/w has a lovely headpiece with the most winning expression from super eyes and that lovely muzzle finish. He has a useful neck, back level and his hindquarters well angulated with firm, straight hocks. Tail high set and carried. Just a little over coated for my taste and he could be a tad shorter coupled. Nonetheless a charmer.
1st Post Graduate Dog2017BUBAMr K ChedzoyLovely G/W in lovely coat, good head with dark eye good dentation good front with good level top line good body with good Spring of Rib nice tail set moved with drive.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2017Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr S WilbergAnother quality dog which l liked a lot. It was a very close decision between the two first ones, but in the end I preferred the expression on the winner.
VHC Post Graduate Dog2017Shih Tzu ClubMrs R Lysgaard
1st Post Graduate Dog2017Midland CountiesMr L CoxMasculine with a pleasing outline. Decent head and expression, balanced and typical, good tail carriage and moved out on the right track keeping his topline.
1st Yearling Dog2017DriffieldMrs H ChadwickA very pleasing gold and white boy who is very well balanced and not overdone in any way. Attractive head with dark, well-spaced eyes, soft oriental expression. Good reach of neck, well angulated front and rear, level topline and very good tail set. In beautiful coat and condition, moved very well. Another to watch for the future.
3rd Yearling Dog2017DarlingtonMr I Millar
1st Post Graduate Dog2017City of BirminghamMr A EasdonNot the most masculine of dogs but still full of quality, oriental expression, well bodied, high tail set, moves with style.
2nd Yearling Dog2017BournemouthMs K TodG/w who is very well presented. A masculine young man who is extremely well presented. Super outline high set tail. Needs to body up a little, when I’m sure he will challenge the best of them.
1st Yearling Dog2017PaigntonMiss S JohnsonA gold and white boy glamorous and eye catching, loved his head and expression, so well balanced at all times with a super level topline, moved freely with style.
Dog RCC, 1st PGD2017LeedsMr M JamesRes CC. Really super type, correct balance, mature in body and coat, excellent head and expression, good front, sturdy, correct tail, well presented, typical mover, loved him.
1st Yearling Dog2017BlackpoolMr D RobbinsPleasing head and expression with round eye and nice width of jaw. Nicely ribbed with level topline and high tail set. Moved very well indeed both ways.
1st Post Graduate Dog2017Scottish KC (May)Mr K Sinclair
2nd Yearling Dog2017BirminghamMrs J MantonPale cream parti of lovely type. Stylish, masculine dog with good body, coat and condition. Good mouth, eye and head with correct shape and expression; good topline and tailset, well boned with neat round feet; moved soundly both ways but lacks reach and would prefer a tighter front.
1st Yearling Dog2017WELKSMrs C E Cartledge19 mths gold/white, arched his neck and made the most of himself on the move, pleasing head, firm body, lovely coat and condition, high set tail, well handled, as was 2,
1st Yearling Dog2017Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMiss J Kitchener18 months & has quality, I really liked the head, eye & expression on this one, very good mouth, tip tilted nose & excellent open nostrils. Has good substance & everything is in balance, good front & clean flowing neckline, level topline & well set tail. Shown in lovely coat & condition & moved well covering the ground freely with good carriage. Suspect this one will be in contention for CCs later in his career
VHC Junior Dog2017Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs D B Harding
Res Junior Dog2017CruftsMrs P Maule
1st Junior Dog2016BUBAMrs S CookeCarlita Reason to Dream. G/W Different type, very sweet expression, could do with more width in head & body, enough bone, beautiful coat for age moved very smartly.
2nd Junior Dog2016Midland CountiesMr S MallardClean lines with suitable head and properties, clean neck into well placed shoulders and broad chest, good bone and feet, shape to body with topline, tailset and carriage to suit, quality coat and presentation.
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Dog
2016BelfastMrs J Peak11 months old male, shown in good coat, good head proportions, nice large dark eyes, clean neck,good bone, mice straight legs, good body & outline, tail well set & carried, Moved well both ways & in profile. BP
Res Puppy Dog2016DarlingtonMrs L Farnworth
2nd Puppy Dog2016RichmondDr A PaloheimoLovely eyes, good head, excellent size, carries himself very well, good coat, moves well.
1st Puppy Dog2016City of BirminghamMrs J AndertonI’ve admired this young man from the ringside lovely to go over. Nice size head dark eye, wide jaw. Moved well holding a level top line. Lovely presentation, Best Dog Puppy his future looks good.
2nd Puppy Dog2016BournemouthMr P Jolley10 mths gold/white, very well presented, good eyes and mouth, excellent bone, moves very well with correct action.
2nd Puppy Dog2016PaigntonMrs B Roberts
2nd Puppy Dog2016LeedsMr J Luscott
2nd Puppy Dog
3rd Maiden Dog
3rd Novice Dog
2016STC Summer Open ShowMr G Davies
1st Minor Puppy Dog2016East of EnglandMrs D Spavin
1st Minor Puppy Dog2016WindsorMr D G Roberts
Res Minor Puppy Dog2016BlackpoolMr H Van Den Berg
2nd Minor Puppy Dog2016Three CountiesMr J GruganG/w, 8 months, broad pleasing head, dark eye, level topline with good tailset held on the move, balance was maintained.
Best Puppy
1st Minor Puppy Dog
2016Southern CountiesMr D EricssonLovely golden & white puppy and an easy winner in this class, excellent overall proportions, very good body, front and rear, pleasing head and very good eye, moves with great style displaying true Shih Tzu movement. Best Puppy
Best Puppy
1st Minor Puppy Dog
2016BathMrs A PickburnSmart gold and white with pleasing out line he kept on the move. Has a pleasing head and expression with dark eye, well placed shoulders and moves out well. Good tailset and balance, shown in good well-presented coat, accomplished showman who ended up best puppy as more settled to the job in hand.
1st Minor Puppy Dog2016WELKSMr D Iley
3rd Minor Puppy Dog2016Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMrs E McDonald


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